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us on this thursday morning. here is justin burke. >> good morning, 5:59. when you step outside, it is quite muggy. temperatures into the upper 70s. mostly cloudy skies come from showers to our north and we could have a couple showers trying to sneak in here just before lunchtime. our outlook for the weekend, still nice as it will be cooler with a pleasant outlook, just to be outside. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we had showers, even lightning strikes across central pa. york and lancaster getting hit with showers this morning. over towards philadelphia is where you'll run into that stuff. we are dry right here south of the border in through maryland. we have ourselves a 79 spot on the thermometer from northeast to edgewood and back towards annapolis. otherwise we are expecting temperatures up to 92. early afternoon, when strong storms will pass through. it's not going to be that bad, but the worse will be done by 2:00 or 3:00 and get clearing into the weekend. right now, let's see if there's any clearing on the traffic side.
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here is kim brown. >> justin, indeed there is. an earlier accident that we were working in frederick county. the southbound lanes of i-270 past route 85 has been cleared out of the travel lanes. all lanes have been reopened. the crash activity has been moved off to the right shoulder. we are very quiet traffic wise. traffic moving very well, flowing freely. no issues around 695 this morning. as we take a peek at our drive times, no delays as you make your way on the 83. southbound to the beltway, no issues on the topside of the outer loop between 83 and the jfx. the jfx itself, all wide open from the beltway as you head down to northern parkway. megan and jamie, back to you. she says she carried on the tradition of those before her in office, but what the city state's attorney is what she
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said, thanks do donnie glover. listen to what she said at a birthday bash and campaign fundraiser on sunday. >> i have a big priority. you have to identify who goes to jail because not everybody needs to be in jail. continuing to work for and on behalf of people. >> if you listen to those in charles village, one of the suspects in the murder of a hopkins researcher should have been in jail and that prompted an apology last night from the police commissioner, to the residents. now this is a planned neighborhood cop walk, but it was more important just three days after a 23-year-old was brutally murdered. abc2 news, linda so is here with more. linda. >> after learning that the man accused of killing steven pitcairn had a lengthy record. emotions ran high at an antiviolence rally in charles village last night. it came three days after steven
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pitcairn was robbed and stabbed to death. john wagner and his wife have been charged with pitcairn's murder. wagner was no stranger to police. back in april, police say he robbed a man outside a gas station and he violated probation numerous times, but was somehow allowed to stay on the streets. both the police commissioner and mayor expressed frustration, angry that suspects with long criminal records aren't prosecuted to the fullest extent. >> i'm frustrated because you can't get people -- you can't get universal commitment to put bad guys with guns in the city in jail and keep them there. >> that anger eluding to the city state's attorney's office, who is challenging patricia in the upcoming election was at last night's rally. pitcairn might be alive if he had done a better job prosecuting the suspects. >> in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >> so much to this story,
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because the judge denied bail for john wagner, the man accused of murdering the researcher. the bail was denied based on wagner's long criminal history. some believe that same criminal history should have kept him locked up in the first place. wagner escaped full prosecution for assault. despite violation his probation time and time again. page was the city prosecutor for 20 years. she retired in part because she was so dissatisfied with the judicial process. >> defendants out there, they know this. it's a game. the judges will come and they act stern the time of sentencing and say don't come back and they'll come back and they'll say, all right, i'm going to give you a break, and don't come back, and that's how it works. > how it worked in wagner's case. being found guilty of violating his probation twice. prosecutors urged judge john howard to give wagner three years of jail time. the judge disagreed back in april, allowing wagner to
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continue his probation and by the way, the other suspect in this murder, lavelva merritt was denied bail on tuesday. a 14-year-old boy is charged in the death of a juvenile detention center employee. the teen is accused of raping and killing 65-year-old hanah wheeling of hartford county back in february. right now, he is charged as a juvenile. wheeling's body was found outside a campus building at the youth facility here in prince georges county in march. lawmakers have criticized the state's department of juvenile services for the handling of this case. five minutes after 6:00 right now. she wanted to do good in the world. a high school student who spent her summer helping others in uganda. emily kerstetter ended up in the hospital after a terrorist attack. this morning, we have an update on how the teen from ellicott city is doing. sherrie has more. >> we have new information on emily kerstetter. there will be a news conference
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this morning at 11:30. her uncle will give an update on her condition and shared details on fund raising efforts to help with her medical costs. emily and her grandmother were on a church mission trip when they were injured during that bombing on july 11. they were at a restaurant watching the world cup games when a suicide bomber hit. according to a website, emily had her first skin graft yesterday and she is doing well. she has a long road ahead of her. emily is going to need extensive medical care and if you would like to find out more information about donations for her medical expenses, you can log on to our website at sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a jury awarded tens of millions of dollars to nearly two dozen victims of carbon monoxide poisoning at an inner harbor hotel. the leak happened inside the steak house at the pier 5 back in 2008. a jury returned a $34.3 million verdict against the operator because the plaintiff say they
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suffered brain damage. there are 23 plaintiffs and that comes out to nearly a million and a half dollars each. she was not a defendant in this lawsuit. here in baltimore county this morning, you see flames, don't be alarmed. it's the fire department, they are doing a training exercise. it's going to happen at 8:30 this morning. if you are around the area, there's a good chance you will see it. the exercise will happen in the 6800 block of dogwood road. it's going to be closed from about 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. these exercises give the fire crews an opportunity to train in real life conditions and help them serve our communities. >> president obama becomes the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show. it's going to happen this morning. you can see him today. some say that the president's appearance on the view is inappropriate. white house press secretary, robert gibbs told reporters this week that the president's appearance was a vehicle for
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him to speak to people as they go about their day-to-day routine. if you would like to include the president in your routine, you can do that today. you can watch it at 11:00 this morning on abc2. all right, 6:08 and we are taking a look outside right now at very warm, muggy conditions. here is dundock, holding at 80 degrees. it's still up there. in fact, with that southwesterly flow and high humidity, it feels like 85. no doubt you are going to feel it. a little sticky this morning and we'll have showers trying to move in close to the lunch hour. more on that coming up at 60:00 l 8. a quick peek at traffic now and let's take a look at kim brown. what do you have for us? >> i don't have much this morning. a lot of earlier incidents have been cleared away. as we take a peek, we are going to have road closures this afternoon, starting at 2:00 for the convention. expect to see sharp street closed between pratt and conway starting this afternoon. that could make for sluggishness as you make your
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way through downtown, trying to get out through the evening rush. >> some celebrations in arizona this morning as a judge is temporarily blocked part of the new immigration bill set to go into effect today. >> that defused a lot of attention throughout the state. it could be a start of a lengthy court battle. >> and all week long, we have been helping you get ready for college and this morning, we have the five best campus activities for your teen to take part in. >> plus, is lindsay lohan getting special treatment in prison? find out what other inmates want her to do with her hair.
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going to college is a great experience. it's not all about studying. >> we offer tips for college campuses. sherrie johnson has five of the best campus activities to get involved in. >> here in maryland, it won't be long before thousands of students are back on campus. although this university provides a great education, faculty members say it's not just about the books.
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there's more to life here that they want students to experience. >> you have the opportunity, okay, you are now a young adult. you are no longer in high school. you are on your own, but you aren't in the real world yet. you are only in class 15 to 18 hours a week, as opposed to high school, where you were in class for 35 hours. with that time, it's a great opportunity to experience all the different activities colleges provide and universities provide, but at the same time, doing it in a safe and learning environment so you can take those skills and transfer them to the real world. basically, it is that learning lab outside the classroom that you should take advantage of. >> here's a lock at the five best campus activities to get involved in. first, community service. it's important for students to help serve the larger area. second, student government. get involved in clubs, organizations, and residence halls because it helps prepare you for the real world. and campus media. get involved in the newspaper,
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television, and radio on campus. it could be a good learning experience. athletics, varsity club sports or become a fan. it's a great way to get involved in your school and create scoot spirit. and finally, get involved in the city you live in. experience what the city has to offer. visit museums and tour historic sites. >> our students, whether it's community service where 80% of our student body participates, clubs and organizations where i have 170 clubs for a school our size, that's huge. they do get involved and they really then enriches the whole experience for them. and when it really comes down to it, they are putting out some substantial funds to be educated in a school and not take advantage of all the offerings they are doing themselves a disservice. >> and hopefully these tips will help enrich your college experience. got that? >> i got it. 6:14 right now and let's go over to justin burke with the
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weather. let's get this. >> all right, good morning. we take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. we had a flairup right there of showers and lightning strikes. the lightning seems to have settled down. there was a surge of energy a half hour, 45 minutes ago. showers to our north in pennsylvania and pushing back just into the mountains, northwest of interstate 81. down here in the maryland side, we are looking dry, but we are feeling quite muggy this morning. watching the wider view of showers, staying to our north. there is definitely a distinct band of energy pushing ahead of a cold front. a cold front itself that will swing through around lunchtime. better indication of that back into western pa. really start to spark some showers as we head through mid and late morning. especially north and west of baltimore. baltimore itself, i think our best chance of getting wet is going to be around lunchtime. could be anywhere from 11:00 and 2:00 and then we can watch this front slide its way
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through and bring back some nicer air. look at the dry air. check out the temperatures. we are closing in on 80. it is 78 right now. 63 buffalo, 59 green bay. a sign of cooler air that will modify by the time it reaches us, but spilling in behind that front. i pointed out 12:30 here to highlight the heaviest of the rain. annapolis, bay bridge, eastern shore. you could get clipped with developing thunderstorms along that line that will continue to develop as it pushes in through the southern portion of the bay. southern maryland, st. mary's, out towards sulsbury. we expect to have ourselves a nice weather pattern. we'll come with strong storms, those storms, however, will likely be stronger south of baltimore and during the afternoon hours as we begin to see the sun pop out. we are clearing and cooling down. 60s overnight and for tomorrow, we are expecting high
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temperature back to 87. sunshine, breezy, and less humid. a start to what should be a nice first part of the weekend. more doming up at 6:16. let's see what is happening on the roads. let's toss it over to kim brown. >> you will find a quiet volume at this time. we aren't working too much around 695. it's running pretty well on both the east side and the west side. as we check our cameras, you see what i'm talking about. moving well traffic wise here on the west side of liberty road. headed towards i-70. that's to be expected. we always see that every morning. here on 83 southbound and northbound at warren road. pretty much moving freely all the way as you make your way towards the beltway. we are going to see a little bit of congestion in the middletown road areas, but it clears up quickly. as you take a peek at our maps, we are working a couple incidents. an accident reported, at german hill road, also another crash in pikeville. millford mill, you will see police on the scene.
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no real issues with our drive times. they are going to be up a little bit. it will take you 7 minutes at this time. megan and jamie, back to you. >> it is time to wish monique a happy birthday. she lives in parkville. have the day off, she is 40 today. i would say, go to charcoal grill for lunch and happy hour and go to mama luccias for dinner. >> tell us about your birthday. is where you send all the birthday information, including a picture so we can say happy birthday on the air. facebook is connecting people in more ways than one. >> now this couple found each other after separated more than 50 years ago. >> a look at the new desperate neighbor coming up. first, let's head up to new york and check out the latest business news this morning. >> good morning. we begin your money scope report with a gloomier outlook
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for the economy. a new ap survey finds that economists are predicting weaker growth and higher unemployment than just three months ago. one big reason they believe the recovery is weakening is companies are hesitant to hire. that in turn led consumers to cut back on their spending. it is usually consumers that lead the way out of a recession. and those results are in line with the latest findings by the federal reserve. the fed's regional survey reveals an uneven recovery. or holding steady in parts of the country. the survey does not seem to point to a so-called double dip recession. >> the unemployment rate rose about 3/4 of the nation's largest metro areas last month. you can blame most of that on 1 million teenagers looking for summer jobs. most of the cities with the largest increases are college towns. but even without those students, companies are not hiring nearly fast enough to bring down the unemployment rate. and fresh evidence this morning as the foreclosure
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crisis is getting worse and spreading beyond a few hot spots. 154 in the first six months of this year, compared to the same time last year. more than 1 million americans are expected to lose their homes to foreclosure this year. amazon has unveiled a new kindal in hopes of taking the ereader. the device is smaller and lighter than previous versions. it's also the cheapest yet. a wifi only model will sell for $139. it begins shipping at the end of august. and coming up on good morning america, can't stand the heat? we'll show you some of the latest gadgets to help you stay cool after your local news. that's your money scope report, i'm rob nelson. this morning's money scope report brought to you by chile's.
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now the forecast powered by maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> feels like the 80s already. check it out, this afternoon we are aiming for 92. i believe that's going to come earlier. a line of showers and storms is going to push through maryland around the lunch hour. northern maryland around 11:00 to maybe 2:00, pushing south of baltimore and then the afternoon it slides into southern maryland. that's our time frame. the best chance of rain. tomorrow we are aiming for 87. a drop in humidity. pleasant on saturday, 85. a run of clouds and showers trying to build late on sunday. a cooler day, but we'll get back to near 90 by the middle of next week. 6:23 now, we go over to the traffic authority. is this kim brown. >> do not question my
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authority. in terms of authority, let me give you good news. traffic is very, very quiet as you head out on any of the major roadways. you aren't going to encounter any issues. we are working a couple crashes in baltimore county. one is going to be right there in german hill road at another avenue. also we are dealing with a crash up in pikesville at millford mill road this morning. megan and jamie, back to you. >> entertainment news here this morning, just when you thought you wouldn't hear anything else about lindsay lohan until the day you get out of jail. this just in, lohan is caught up in a jail. her fellow inmates say the star is getting preferential treatment. she didn't have her hair extensions removed, so they are upset with that. they let lohan leave them in because they are hard to get out. it is chelsea clinton's big
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day is coming up. it's going to be a big event. they are going to say their i do's in rhinebeck, new york. the 50-acre home was once owned by john jay con aster and he passed away in 1912. so far, chelsea's wedding plans to have been the top secret event of the year, but the speculations is that she is wearing a vera wang dress. hey, guess who is coming to the neighborhood? vanessa williams? need your lawn mowed? how about it? >> i can see jamie. vanessa, do you want someone to walk your dog? >> she is going to be on desperate housewives and so is brian austin green. tell a story about brian austin green. >> i said, i loved you on melrose place, he looked at me and nodded and before he got off the elevator, he said it was 90210. >> the elevator door closed. all right, coming up next,
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he shot probably the most memorable photographs we have ever seen from yosemite. >> now one man believes he is holding vintage work of the famous photographer, ansel adams. an update on a howard county teenager injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda earlier this month. coming up, the latest on emily kerstetter.
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now, good morning maryland. in just a few hours, we find out how emily kerstetter is doing. the teen who was injured in a bomb blast overseas. >> raising controversy in arizona. it's a legal battle between the state and the united states. in a wooden box at a garage sale. it's always the place where you hear about one of those great discoveries. wait until you hear about this one. >> what do you think? >> there could be something to it, you never know. >> we can discover nice temperatures today. justin. >> it's going to get better. be optimistic for that. this morning not so great outside. we are going to start you off in colorado. they got hit with storms near the boulder area where hail piling up close to 1 foot in some places. wow. this intense storm blew through denver, colorado. this is

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